Will We Be Proud of the America We Leave to Our Grandchildren?

NEW Michigan State Board of Education Transgender Guidelines

In Sept. of 2016 the Michigan State Board of Education approved new guidelines that may harm our school children.  The guidelines WILL remove our children’s right to privacy in public school bathrooms and locker rooms.

Schools in Michigan are reviewing the guidelines RIGHT NOW.  Some have already approved them.  USAROAR believes these guidelines are dangerous and irresponsible.  Most of your friends are not aware these guidelines have been approved.

This video series is designed to raise awareness. Please view the entire video series and the call to action content on our video page and ask your family and friends to do the same.

Bob Wolf, Author of "The Awakening of the Silent Majority? I Pray It's Not Too Late"

Every chapter in my book "The Awakening Of The Silent Majority? I Pray It Is Not Too Late" asks one question, either directly or indirectly.  Will the silent majority raise their voices, and get involved, before it is too late to save this great nation for our children and grandchildren?

Will we continue to allow the death and maiming of more brave young men and women in our armed forces to preserve the flow of cheap energy from the Middle East? Every year we send hundreds of billions of dollars to countries that fund an enemy intent on destroying us. We don't have to.

We have silently sent an increasing amount of our paychecks to fund a Social Security system that has, for decades, been used as a slush fund to reelect members of Congress. Why do we continue to allow that to happen?

Should honest Americans be resolved to the fact that our democratic process is slowly being stolen from us? Multiple forms of voter fraud threaten to create a ruling class that cannot be removed from office.

We can regain control of the voting process. Is the future of our Republic worth the effort?

The ultra-rich can hire teams of accountants and attorneys to legally avoid paying taxes. Those at the other end of the income spectrum pay no taxes.

There is a cadre of Americans who cheat by not reporting income. Those involved in the "underground economy" avoid paying taxes.

The tax system in the U.S. is so badly flawed that it cannot be repaired. It must be scrapped. Everyone benefitting from the services provided by the government, in other words everyone, should help pay for those services.

There is a system that requires the involvement of every American. It is time to abolish the IRS and adopt the FairTax plan.

The national debt, welfare, education, etc., will also be discussed in the book. It doesn't take a degree from an Ivy League school to remedy most of the problems facing our country. It will take courage and a love of our country that few politicians have displayed.

The silent majority needs to step up and lead the way.

Together we can make it happen. Please read on. Lets R.O.A.R!

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