Tech Breakthrough: Microsoft Teams Drives into Cars with Android Auto Integration in 2024

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Get ready for a cool update – soon, you can hop into Microsoft Teams meetings right from your car using Android Auto! Imagine cruising down the road while joining meetings with ease. Microsoft Teams is making its way into your car’s infotainment system, so whether you’re heading home from the office or on a road trip, saying goodbye to avoiding work calls in the car is on the horizon.

Microsoft Teams Android Auto Integration

In development for Android Auto, Microsoft Teams has been confirmed by the tech giant. This app from Google links up Android phones to a car’s built-in infotainment display. Soon, Android users will be able to make calls and join Microsoft Teams meetings right from their car’s dashboard.

Rolling out in February 2024, the feature is set to shake up your commutes and road trips. Wondering what’s in store? Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect when Microsoft Teams makes its debut on Android Auto:

Easy Access to Microsoft Teams Calendar


Joining Microsoft Teams meetings directly from the calendar view in Android Auto is one of the main features. So, all those meetings you’ve been “missing” while driving will now be just a tap away. No more excuses that you couldn’t pull over just to join a call!

Recent Calls and Calling Contacts

The Android Auto integration, in addition to calendar access, will enable quick calling of your speed dial contacts and viewing recent calls. So, your boss can just speed dial you to ask why you’re not on the weekly standup meeting call. How convenient!

Audio-Only Option

Microsoft hasn’t said if calls will have audio or video. Hopefully, it’s just audio for safety! But, with Microsoft Teams, be prepared for your colleagues’ faces to pop up on screen during your commute.

No information about accessing messages or files.

The announcement didn’t talk about accessing Teams messages or files through Android Auto. It makes sense, considering the driving hazards of managing complex workflows while behind the wheel.

Coming almost a year later than Apple CarPlay.

Android users might find it frustrating that this integration is almost a year behind Microsoft Teams’ similar functionality for Apple CarPlay. iPhone users have enjoyed these features since September 2021. Once again, Android is playing catch-up with Apple. Fortunately, the mobile OS giants collaborated to make this functionality available before 2025!

How does Microsoft Teams function with different cars?

Excluding Android Auto, Microsoft Teams integrates with certain vehicles, but the features differ based on the car’s make and model.

Display integration features

Modern connected cars often have displays that can mirror some phone apps. This lets you make basic Teams calls and send messages from the driver’s seat. Just link your phone, and get ready for plenty of distracting notifications!

Features are limited, though

Don’t anticipate hosting meetings, sharing screens, or collaborating on files. The built-in car displays can handle only a limited set of features. Therefore, the Android Auto upgrade will significantly broaden the possibilities.

Voice Commands

Certain cars enable voice commands for making calls or listening to messages. However, this involves awkwardly dictating the full names of contacts, and we’re all familiar with how challenging voice transcription can be.

Why expand Microsoft Teams to more cars?

Why is Microsoft pushing work communication into your car? This move may leave you questioning the invasion of your car time with work communications.?

The mobile workforce requires it

Whether you like it or not, the workforce is becoming more dispersed and mobile. As hybrid and remote workers divide their time between home, the office, coffee shops, and even their cars, companies need ways to facilitate communication on the go

Your boss needs you, after all

Managers and executives working 80 hours a week in the office expect you to be just as accessible during your 40-hour work-from-home schedule. This way, they can micromanage every minute of productivity.

At the end of the day, allowing constant access to workers equals more productivity and profits. And companies will always choose capitalism over your mental health or work-life balance. Now take this Teams call in your car or you’re fired!

What this implies for your commute

When Microsoft Teams comes to Android Auto in February, what can you, as a driver, anticipate? Well, prepare to sift through calendar invites during traffic jams, engage in conversations with colleagues while navigating the highway, and be prepared to switch off “Do Not Disturb” if you prioritize your job!

Work invading personal time

Get ready for more work communication creeping into your few precious moments of personal time. The already blurry lines between office and off hours are about to vanish, just like your peace and quiet.

More of the distracted driving

Despite the optimism for audio-only, we’re aware that people will still engage in video calls from the driver’s seat. Brace yourself for more distracted driving and the possibility of minor accidents during your morning commute. As they say, safety comes third!

Anxiety and stress while driving

As if driving isn’t stressful already, imagine adding workplace pressures into the mix! Who wouldn’t want their boss critiquing their performance while navigating rush hour traffic?

Microsoft gives and takes away

In fairness, Microsoft has added calendar management within Teams to prevent notifications from disrupting your calls. This feature has recently been introduced on desktop and mobile.

While they address one issue, it seems to create more distractions while driving! Would turning off notifications in the Do Not Disturb mode really harm productivity that much?

Apparently, for Microsoft and other corporations aiming to extract maximum effort from us, it does. But will this constant connectivity lead to burnout, resulting in less engaged and productive employees in the long run?

Closing thoughts

Whether you’re a fan or not, Microsoft Teams integration is set to hit Android Auto in February 2024, with Apple CarPlay already on board. Get ready for a bundle of features like calendar access, contacts, meetings, calls, and more distractions in your car (if you’re still driving one by then!).

While optimists hope for safe driving with audio-only calls, pessimists anticipate full video conferencing, hazards and legality notwithstanding. With capitalism seeping into every aspect of life, are we headed for burnout, or is technology like Teams enhancing work-life flexibility? It’s always a mix of pros and cons.

In any case, bid farewell to your last sanctuary of peace, quiet, and music therapy behind the wheel. Thanks to Microsoft Teams, the realm of mobile messaging is advancing! Share your thoughts on whether you’ll love or loathe the Android Auto capabilities when they roll in early next year. We’re expecting passionate debates on both sides of this divisive integration!